Fairy Café
Games Description
Betty the fairy has just opened a pretty little cafe! Can you help her keep the fairy customers happy?
Instructions :
Click and drag to bring a customer to a table. Click the table to take the customer's order. To bring an order to a customer, click the item she ordered and then her table. When a customer leaves, click any golden gems left as payment. Later in the game, there are additional menu items and objects. For cakes, click the cake that was ordered. When the cook finishes making it, you can bring it to the table. Once you get a candy machine, you can give candy to impatient customers. Once you get a coffee machine, you can drink coffee to work even faster. Once you get an ice cream machine, click the right color of ice cream to fill an order. Same for the chocolate machine; just pick the right shape. When you get a jukebox you can click the music to make the customers happier.
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